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Handmade Wall Craft


  • Size: 8 inch diameter
  • Colour: Fuschia pink and natural
  • Material: Sabai and date palm leaf
  • Items Included: 1 Sabai¬†wall plate


Sabai wall plate is naturally colored in a bright and vivid tone, creating a lively environment in any space it is placed in. Handcrafted and eco-friendly, the Sabai wall decoration can also be used as a heat resistant trivet or table mat in the dining area. The handwoven item is decorated with gorgeous bright pink patterns which stand out in any room setting. The handwoven natural item, which was handcrafted by local artisans with great care and attention to detail, has a traditional, boho chic feel to it and is durable and long lasting in nature.

Tip: The eco friendly trivet can also be placed on a side table, sideboard or a coffee table.