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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, Gold Brass Drawer Handles


Unique Gold Knurling Handles, Modern Knurling Pull, Furniture Handle, High-Quality Handles For Home, Cupboard Handle




You can add a different atmosphere to your living space with our furniture handles that we produce. Achieve more than your dreams with Knurling handles. Our Modern Knurling Handles are suitable for any furniture.

High quality handles are carefully prepared. They are produced from the highest quality steel, painted with oven paints in E1 standards, which are not harmful to health. The patterns and embroidery on them are produced in high quality with very fine precision on cnc benches. They will suit your cabinet doors, kitchen doors very well. I am sure that you will be satisfied with the aesthetically stylish and very high quality handles. You can make a set with pull handles, button handles and clothes hangers.

handle sizes sold in this listing
distance between holes,

–button handle
–T button handle
–128 millimeters (5,039 inch)
–160 millimeters (6,299 inch)
–224 millimeters (8,818 inch)
–320 millimeters (12,598 inch)