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Rajasthan Cloth Puppets – Couple



  • COLOUR : Green & Multicoloured
  • MEASUREMENTS : Height – 18 “; Width – 6 “
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT :400 grams
  • SPECIAL ATTENTION :Handcrafted rustic village craft. Please allow for minor crafting defects.




Rajasthan Cloth Puppets – Couple. A lovely way to brighten up any corner with these rustic, vibrant and beautifully handcrafted cloth puppets. This beautiful wall adornment has its roots in the cloth puppet making craft of Rajasthan. The craft form behind these traditional puppets is popularly known as ‘Kathputli’, which actually translates as ‘Kath’ meaning wood and ‘Putli meaning’ a doll. However, these items are actually a combination of wood, cotton cloth and metal wire. It is believed that the ‘Kathputli’ craft form originated as a performing string marionette art over 1500 years ago.