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Sabai Grass Handmade Utility Basket with Lid


  • COLOUR : Beige & Dull Brown
  • MEASUREMENTS : Length – 9″ x Width – 7.5″ x Height – 8.3″
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT :260 grams


his unique and adorable Sabai & Khajur grass utility basket is handmade for artistic décor lovers and lovely as a curio as well. • A fusion of Sabai grass and Khajur (Date Palm) weaving techniques, this fruit basket is handcrafted to perfection. Date palms cultivated for their many usages and Sabai harvested for crafting purposes are native to several regions of India like West Bengal. Local artisan communities have often used Sabai grass and Date Palm leaves to weave baskets. It is a traditional craft form mastered by generations of diligent craftsmen and women for their economic sustenance. • The blend of the natural fibres ensures durability with finesse. The earthy, rustic appeal of this craft form makes it hugely popular among décor aficionados. • This eco-friendly, elegant basket is the perfect addition to your collection of aesthetic home accessories.