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Vastu Nandi Bull Brass


  • It would promote trust and loyalty among employees and also among shareholders in case of private limited companies. place Nandi bull in the south-west zone of your office or home.
  • This Nandi statue is made the traditional way and is a reverent idol to use for you and to represent prosperity, good luck, success, Wealth, Love, Fortune, Wisdom, Divine Knowledge, Royal Power.
  • Brass Nandi Bull Statue / Idol Shiva Devotee Nandi Seated Sculpture Showpiece/Decorative Brass.


  • Nandi has always been symbolic of a trusted and patient steed of Lord Shiva who stands patiently in waiting for hours without expectation, simply out of his love and devotion for the Lord.
  • The brass bull or Nandi which has been energized and introduced by us would not only strengthen business partnerships and business relations with faithful entrepreneurs.